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FROZEN entrées

Delicious meals made from scratch, ready to serve at home.


One of our fastest growing product avenues.

These tasty reheat-at-home meals are made from scratch with simple, responsibly-sourced ingredients. We label everything with both ingredients lists and cooking instructions. You won’t find any of those long unpronounceable ingredients you read on many processed frozen foods. These meals are family friendly, easy to reheat, and delicious.

We are finding success providing these meals to: busy families and folks on the go, contract workers in town with limited cooking facilities, shift workers, provided as gifts for folks recovering from injuries, illness and with new babies on the way, seniors and those in need of cooking assistance, back country lodge and hut trips and lots of folks who require their vacation rental units be stocked and ready to go for their arrival in town.

Our frozen entrées generally come in a few easy formats:

1L Vented Containers

These generally feed 3 hungry adults.

9”x 5” Aluminum Pans

These generally feed 2-4 hungry adults depending on the menu selection.

Individual Items

These “grab and go” style offerings are single servings that feed 1 adult.

Where to find them:


1L Vented Containers

$20 each

Braised beef stew

Coconut sweet basil chicken curry

Chana masala chickpea vegetarian stew with roast yams & green peas

Hearty beef chili

Butter chicken $25/1L

And ever-changing new creations and seasonal inspirations

9”x 5”
Aluminum Pans

$20 each

Beef & Pork Shepherds Pie with buttery mash potatoes

Crispy chicken enchiladas with Sriracha sour cream aioli, saffron rice pilaf, sweet pickled veg & refried beans smothered in tomato sauce & mozza cheese

Triple cheese beef lasagna

Triple cheese vegetable lasagna

Braised beef stuffed Yorkshire puddings

Chorizo mac n’ cheese

And ever-changing new creations & seasonal inspirations

“Grab & Go” Items

$10 each

Pulled pork burritos with sweet pickled veg slaw, Sriracha sour cream aioli, saffron rice pilaf, refried beans & mozza cheese

Breakfast burritos with scrambled egg, bacon, sriracha sour cream aioli, mozza cheese & refried beans

5’’ individual meat pies in flakey puff pastry:

  • Sirloin beef in gravy pie
  • Chicken & mushroom pie
  • Butter chicken pie
  • Shepherds pie
  • Minced beef & cheese pie

9’’ Pork tourtiere meat pie: Feeds 6 hungry adults - $25 each

And ever-changing new creations and seasonal inspirations

Entrée Delivery Services

Butter Chicken

Coconut Chicken Curry

Beef Stew

Contact us and let’s discuss the best way to get our entrées to you. We accept all methods of payment including debit/credit card terminal payments, credit cards over the phone, e transfers, checks and of course cash! 

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